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Here you will find the interactive podcasts for toddlers. Get your toddler to be excited about discovering the world with the different topics of the podcasts. Get the conversation started and connect with your toddler. Or soothe you baby or toddler to sleep with the short story and the relaxing music.

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for whom?

Toddlers are still in the phase of discovering the world around them. They are fascinated by everything that is happening around them. As adults we have lost that sense of wonder for the world because of everything that goes on in our heads. We have shopping lists, to-do lists, concerns about the children or finances, the choice of primary school and our work in our heads as we prepare breakfast for our toddlers in the morning.

De podcasts

What would your morning, afternoon or evening ritual be like if you would listen to a podcast with your toddler? You will both be transported by the short story to one of the aspects of the world in which your toddler is growing up. For example about the train, the sun or the birds. Together you will become aware of the sounds of the birds outside. Toddlers are usually already aware of this, only we unconsciously remove them from it, by not paying attention to it and not naming it. When you do, your toddler retains a sense of wonder at the world he or she is discovering. And you, as a parent / guardian, might even get that feeling back!

In this way you will reconnect with your toddler, because your toddler is in a phase of discovery and wonder. Your toddler asks you what that is. What sound that is. What is happening. Sometimes it drives you crazy, but they are on a voyage of discovery, just like we also did when we were in that phase. And we are still trying to understand things that we don't know yet. This will go on for the rest of our lives.
The podcasts answer many of these questions toddlers often ask and also questions are asked to interact with your toddler. This way you can interact with your toddler so that the bond strengthens and your toddler knows that discovering the world is a very beautiful process that will continue his / her life.

My story

Hi, I'm Renate de Boer!

When I, as a 28-year-old, a brand new mother, got burned out, I started thinking about how I had organized my life. I realized I was not happy and I really needed more self-awareness. I had completely lost myself in the life I was living. What started with a mindfulness course, became a search for myself and eventually a journey into awareness.

I have come to follow, read and listen to Michael Pilarczyk, Roy Martina, Eckhart Tolle and Michael Singer. As a result, I became more aware, I got to know myself again, I got more energy and I also became a lot happier!

By finding out who I am, creativity came back to live as well, which was hidden under a layer of fear and low energy. Creativity made me sing again and that resulted in these podcasts for toddlers, because I am (re)discovering the world with my toddler. The podcasts are made out of love. Love for life, for the children that are growing up and the world around us. Are you amazed by the world (again)?

Toddler and children’s podcasts for the imagination, curiosity, pride and happiness of children.

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